Camera Showdown

Can you tell which camera takes better pictures?

Camera Showdown is a new way to compare cameras by pictures taken rather than by camera features or specs

Why Camera Showdown

Camera Selection

How It Works

Cameras are often compared and chosen based on camera specs. But perhaps this is backwards.  What happens if we compare and choose cameras based on photos that they've been used to create?
Camera Showdown's mission is to allow you
to compare and choose a camera based on
real-world photos taken by real people
Our selection of cameras and phones is growing. Let us know at our feedback site if we're missing a model you'd like to compare. Ideally, we'd like to add new models as soon as they become available. However, to provide good comparisons we rely on a large number of existing photos being available, which means we can't support brand new models right away. We start by gathering photos from across the web. We then attempt to find similar photos based on tags, image orientation and EXIF settings. Pairs of similar photos are shown and we collect votes on each photo. At the end we aggregate all the votes, picture by picture, to form a consensus about what people generally think about photos taken by one camera vs. another.